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Did You Grow Clean Air Today?

The WCAFI is an NGO based in the United Kingdom and  we have created our Clean Air Tree kit to fund our own mission to Clean the Air.

WCAFI will fight climate changes, deforestation, pollution and anything else that has a negative effect on the air that we all breathe. WCAFI is both an environmental and humanitarian project, since many of our environmentally focused activities will have a direct effect on local and global communities, and hopefully bring us all closer together.

WCAFI presents the Clean Air Tree kit, which contains everything you need to grow and plant your own tree. The globe is made from potato waste and is 100% biodegradable!

We all know we have a serious challenge to prevent our planet from becoming inhabitable.  The future of our children’s home is in our hands, but what are we doing about it?

The WCAFI believes the only way to make these changes is to understand that we won’t stop our daily lives nor daily consumption. So lets use these human traits to bring about positive side effects. We need to create the kind of things we want to do all the time, but with good effects rather than the current bad ones.

WCAFI will create new products, activities, projects, jobs and education, all with a common goal – Clean Air side effects.

So go Grow your own Clean Air, save the planet and have the best time in the world doing it.

Michael Tasker

There's nothing funny about pollution and global warming, we need to band together to stop negative climate change for the future generation. Join the movement.

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