Partners Benefits

This is your opportunity to make a difference!

Get your company involved in the right promotional campaigns and be association with the WCAFI & the Plant for the Planet Billion Tree Campaign. You’ll get certificates as evidence confirming your participation and authorization to use the Plant for the Planet and WCAFI logos on print and on-line promotional material via WCAFI usage rights in relation to the Clean Air campaign.

Partner Benefits Online

Interactive Web Counter showing the number of Clean Air Tree Kits sold, number of trees planted and the corresponding Clean Air Effect (the amount of CO2 sequestered)

Possible Partner initiatives can include:

Custom branded Micro-sites to tie into your specific initiatives and provide a means of data collection.

Clean Air widgets, a viral mini-shop and a counter showing the number of trees planted within your network and the corresponding Clean Air Effect.

The Clean Air Map – each kit contains a special PIN code that consumers register on-line and put their trees and themselves on the map. The Clean Air Map will allow users to see the results of their participation and to clearly identify the most active Clean Air Partners.

Social media and Wiki alternatives designed to foster group affiliation and healthy competition!

Affiliate Your Brand with Clean Air

The World Clean Air Forest Initiative and its Clean Air Tree Kits™ are a natural fit for your eco-conscience brand.

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