Better than a normal tree!
It grows clean air and many more trees will be planted too.  We will also invest in other Clean Air projects in your local communities.
Local seeds
We find the best local seeds for your area so when you buy a Clean Air Tree kit you know it is optimized for best growth where you live.
Healthy growing medium
Only the best growing mediums are used in our kits to help your seeds grow big and strong.  You can find out more details on how to plant and care for you kit here. 
Clean Air Map
You can have great fun locating yourself on the map and finding others near by who have grown Clean Air too.  Clean Air Trees also help create local community spirit and events.  You can really get involved and make your own community event like Clean Air Tree planting once a month in a local designated area.  Speak to your local government, schools, universities and media.  We’d love to help you organize such a great event, so tell us your ideas and we will help you all the way.  
Email signature that GROWS!
Every time you send an email with your unique Clean Air signature you will be helping to spread the word and grow Clean Air.  When other people interact with your signature and visit the WCAFI it’ll change and grow. 
Clean Air Widget
You’ll be able to put your widget anywhere and it’ll show how much Clean Air you and your network have grown.
Clean Air Tree on your mobile
Iphone version will be available for beta release next month so you can show your everyone your Clean Air Tree where ever you are.
100% biodegradable globe
We utilize the best technology has to offer to show the companies of the world how to make their products with cool and clean materials.  Are globe is made of potato waste – what’s your made off?
Clean Air Kids
An exciting new media ad education channel for kids, created by kids!  coming soon.

Why not tell your friends about us, make a donation or request more info.

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