How is it made?

Yes we do have a footprint!

We are not perfect, but we try to be.  The Clean Air Tree kit is our way of making a big step in the right direction.  We hope to set a good example to companies and industries around the world that humans can make good products with positive side effects.  Lets face it, with human nature the way it is, it may well be the only thing that saves us. Clean products!

The Clean Air Tree kit is made using the latest environmentally friendly materials and every element is either biodegradable or compostible.  In fact we are 95% biodegradable!  And all of the WCAFI team, individuals and companies, are dedicated to setting more and more examples of how to run business the clean way.

Michael Tasker

There's nothing funny about pollution and global warming, we need to band together to stop negative climate change for the future generation. Join the movement.

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