Getting Creative With The CATK

It is springing up everywhere like flowers; or like trees! The clean air tree kit is suprising even me with where it will sprout up next. You already know Vested Interest and their proactive movements with the CATK, but now we can hear about Creative Learning and their clean air wonder. I was on a bike ride and said “Hey, let’s see what is in Creative Learning, that toy store in North Bay!” So off I went, and after seeing some really cool stuff, I hear “Hey, did you know that we sell Clean Air Tree Kits?” from the owner of the store. I was astonished! There they were, little bundles of joy right in front of my nose. The moral of this story: You never know where the CATK will appear next.

Michael Tasker

There's nothing funny about pollution and global warming, we need to band together to stop negative climate change for the future generation. Join the movement.

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