Clean Air Tree Kit

Did you grow your Clean Air today?

The Clean Air Tree kit is the very first product from WCAFI, and with its customizable environmentally friendly design it has huge possibilities and applications for companies, individuals, schools, sports, governments and more.

It’s an amazing product that puts one tonne of Clean Air in the palm of
your hands
.  It is designed to help fight climate changes, reduce
pollution, counter-act deforestation, and help unite humanity to look
after our beautiful planet.

We realized that the best way to make the urgent changes we need to care for our planet was to get YOU involved, really involved!  So we developed the Clean Air Tree kit to give you a part of the solution, in the palm of your hands.

Open it, plant it, grow it!

Inside each Clean Air Tree kit is all you need to grow your own Clean Air.  We will provide you with all the help you need to ensure that your tree grows healthy and strong.

The Clean Air Tree kit is our way of showing you what we can achieve if we work together.  Growing a tree is just a start and there are many other ways to grow Clean Air too.  Check other great ideas for Clean Air Projects.

Clean Air Tree Kit – Features

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There's nothing funny about pollution and global warming, we need to band together to stop negative climate change for the future generation. Join the movement.

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