Backyard Soccer Goals: Which Should You Choose?

The two things you’ll want in a backyard soccer goal are appropriate size, and easy portability. The GOLME is a good example of this type of goal. It’s a small enough size to make sense in most backyard settings, can be dragged along by a small adult or a couple of kids – easy for a larger adult – and yet it’s large enough to allow for a reasonable game and useful practice.

How Portable Is it?

Along the lines of portability, you will probably want a goal that is easy to store. If it breaks down easily, stores in its own bag in a compact space, and is easy to reassemble when you need it again – even if you haven’t looked at it in several months (over a winter season, for example) – then you’ll be happy with it.

Loathing the chore of taking it apart at the end of a season, having an awkward eye-sore in the garage for months, or not being able to figure out how it goes back together in the spring… any of these problems will make the difference between a purchase you’re happy with, and see the value in, and one you shake your head and wish you’d passed up. There are some great backyard soccer goals here:

Save yourself the headache, spend a little more if you have to, but get the one that will check all the boxes for your particular needs; you’ll be glad you did.

Make It Stable

Whether it’s to keep the goal in place during play, or to keep high winds from picking it up and depositing it in your neighbor’s pool, be sure to choose a goal that can be secured to the ground with stakes. True, you could use a couple of stakes and a strap to secure any net to the ground, but one that comes with loops or holes for stakes, placed in the correct spot to secure it well, without compromising the structural integrity of the goal – well that’s just a good idea. Convenient too. Stability resource:

Weatherproof Goals

In some areas you’ll want to pack up the goals for winter; in others you’ll want to leave it up all year long. Sometimes they’ll be forgotten outside, or an unexpected bit of weather will come in quickly. Sun, rain, snow, freezing temperatures, very hot temperatures – any and all of these conditions can really break down some materials in a hurry. It’s important to protect your investment by choosing a goal that can hold up to what the world has to dish out. PVC weatherproof info:

Quick Goal Setup

Even found yourself standing at the edge of a field, waiting for a rugby team to clear out so you can set up your soccer nets and use your rental time to the utmost? How much more frustrating is that if it takes a long time to get your goals set up and secured.

Quick set-up will prevent frustration on the part of coaches, parents and players alike. Get a well-designed product, and the kids can take it out and set it up themselves when they want to use it.

Easy to Pack Away

Likewise, something that breaks down quickly and safely into a compact carry bag is essential in the same situations. You’ll be able to play right up to the end of your rental time, then pack up in a flash and clear out. You or your kids can pack up the goals from the backyard between the call for supper and sitting down to a still-hot meal.

Make Sure It’s Safe for Kids

Sharp edges on tubing, collapsible beams that can pinch, or even amputate fingers – you don’t want any of that nonsense around kids… or you, for that matter. Make sure that the construction is well finished (no jagged edges), and doesn’t have features that could potentially cause injury.


A safe, fun, convenient product that holds up to the game and doesn’t break your bank account. That’s the goal.

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There's nothing funny about pollution and global warming, we need to band together to stop negative climate change for the future generation. Join the movement.

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