Warmest Women’s Clothing Options for Winter Time

In our latest opinion piece, we will look into how modern women can dress smart in winter time, while keeping warm during those outdoor events or commutes.

winter clothing style guide for women

Dressing for Success – Winter Work Clothes

Working during the winter time is a tricky time to choose clothes. You need to look professional and stylish, but you also want to maintain a good amount of warmth for during commutes.

Layering is your friend here, so aim to go with many light layers that allows you to adjust your temperature while avoiding bulky garments. You can focus on a few fashionable jackets that go with most of your other clothes, then use scarves, long socks, and jumpers to top it off. There are a few fine woolen jumpers or ponchos that look great in any weather.

Cashmere vs Alpaca Wool – Get the Softest for Your Money

There is a fairly big debate online about which woolen material is the softest to the touch. Now obviously this is very relative to your personal taste, but from a scientific perspective, you can see the finer wool to be cashmere, however this also makes it more delicate and prone to damage. So many people believe Alpaca to be more useful for practical clothing. There is a really useful article on it here for more information.

Winter Shoes – Choose Smart to avoid wet feet!

There are some classic styles to avoid on a cold and wet winters day. These include stiletto heels, as your feet will end up blue by the end of the day!

Stick to shoes with good upper foot coverage, ideally boots for most days at work.

For winter boots, checkout this amazing video from fashion blogger Bella:


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